Introducing ADHEAR, The New Innovative Non-Surgical Bone Conduction Hearing System

Unlike traditional devices, ADHEAR can deliver sound without any pressure on the skin.

How Does ADHEAR Hearing System Work?

The ADHEAR system is made up of two main components:

  • An adhesive adapter which is comfortably placed on the skin behind the ear
  • An audio processor which easily attaches to the adapter with a simple click

As sound waves are received, they are converted into vibrations by the processor. These vibrations are then transferred to the bone via the adhesive adapter. Through bone conduction, the sound information reaches the inner ear, where it is processed, enabling better hearing.

Why Choose ADHEAR?

ADHEAR offers a gentle and effective solution for both adults and children. It’s an extremely suitable solution for children who are too young for implants and adults who prefer not to or are unable to undergo surgery. Its design leaves all parts of the ear free, making it suitable for individuals with ear malformations or chronic ear conditions.

Whether it’s for temporary hearing loss or permanent challenges, ADHEAR provides an easy and effective solution. It’s both discrete and simple to use and can be set up in just a few simple steps.

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