Occupational Hearing Tests

Workplace Occupational Hearing Tests

Occupational hearing tests play a hugely important role when it comes to the early detection of hearing loss in the workplace. Early diagnosis allows for effective treatment. Exposure to dangerously high levels of noise or prolonged noise exposure can cause serious damage to your hearing. Repeated exposure to noise levels greater than 70 dB may begin to damage your hearing over time. Extremely loud sounds, exceeding 120 dB, have the potential to cause immediate hearing loss. It’s essential for workers exposed to such high noise environments to use ear protection to safeguard their hearing health.


If you or your employees are exposed to loud or prolonged noise in your workplace, it is critically important to prioritise hearing health. HearMed Acoustic Healthcare provide specialist Workplace Occupational Hearing Tests to assess and manage the risk of workplace hearing damage. Get in touch us today to schedule appointment and ensure a safer, healthier workplace for you and your team. Protect your all important hearing with the the help of our expert audiologists.

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