Hearing Aid Grants & Tax Relief

Hearing Aid Grants

Grants are available from the Department of Social Protection towards the cost of hearing aids under the Treatment Benefit Scheme. This scheme is available to insured workers, self-employed people and retirees who have amassed sufficient PRSI contributions. These grants are subject to a maximum amount of €500 towards the cost of a single hearing aid or €1,000 towards the cost of a pair. A grant towards the cost of repairs to hearing aids can also be availed of under this scheme subject to a maximum of €100. It’s important to note that both the hearing aids and the repair cost grants can only be availed of once in every four years.

Hearing Aid Tax Relief

Hearing aids, being medical devices, qualify for tax relief. In circumstances where the full cost of your hearing aid(s) is not covered by the state or by your own private health insurance, tax relief may be claimed at the standard rate of tax of 20%. The tax relief can be claimed at the end of the tax year. It’s important to retain all receipts for monies paid to your audiologist relating to your hearing aids for submission to Revenue to substantiate your claim.

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